Who We Are

Our Approach

We match our clients with the best benefit solutions to fit their individual needs! It sounds simple, but first we listen, then we apply our knowledge and experience to be sure the results are sound. Then we stay close and continue to work with our clients to make the kind of adjustments which make sense over time. By taking time to listen and fully understand on the front end, our collaborative results make us all winners! Truly, the difference is in the fact we truly care for our clients and their staff. Helping to make sense of this changing industry and taking time to solve problems is actually what we love to do. This is how we consistently deliver the right help and solutions, whatever the situation.

What We Believe

Our success is measured by how well we anticipate and respond to our clients needs. We believe we are doing our job when our clients have sensible benefits, and when their employees have the service they deserve. We believe there's more to brokering employee benefits that an initial contact and a once-a-year renewal. We are involved with our clients and often check in to be sure we are up to date. We partner with our clients, which is the best way to serve!

Our Mission

Serving our clients and their staff is our aim and constant ambition. Equally important is maintaining a comprehensive understanding of the methods and regulatory climate facing our industry and our client's delivery of employee benefits. When our clients and their staff know and trust us to "show up" and "do what we say we will do" we are half way home - then to deliver well-vetted proven solutions means we have met our goal and mission.


We believe in giving back. Although we provide benefits solutions to people and businesses nationwide, we are proud many of our clients are local, and many of the "old guard" --- And, we all work together to make our community a better place to live and work.

Our Clients

Accountants/CPAs ~ Automobile Dealerships ~ Dentist's Offices ~ Contractors ~ Advertising/Marketing Firms ~ Lawyers ~ Medical Practitioners ~ Moving and Storage Companies ~ Restaurants ~ Country Clubs ~ Railroads ~ Information Systems Services ~ Insurance Agencies ~ Manufacturers ~ Non-Profits ~ IT Consulting Firms ~ Estates ~ Landscaping Companies ~ Municipal - Retail - Wholesale, Large and Small.