AmCareBenefits forges and sustains successful relationships with its clients—clients who are eager to tell others about their good experiences. That’s because the AmCareBenefits team is characterized by attentiveness, expertise, friendliness, and dedication to finding the best benefit plans for business owners and employees.  Here’s what some satisfied clients have to say:

I can't say enough good things.  Your company was highly recommended by our accountant.  She was not wrong.  You were able to cut our insurance cost in half while providing us with a much better plan then we had before.  I have seen your commitment to your clients first hand through the past few years.  It has been very comforting to know that someone is looking out for our best interest in an area of business that can be so confusing to most of us.  We thank you for your commitment and dedication to our business.   We only wish we had found out about you sooner.”

High-end Appliance Installation/Service - < 10 Employees

I was referred to AmCareBenefits by my corporate/personal accountant and by a personal friend who owns her own business. Both individuals assured me that the service I was receiving from my present insurance broker was grossly subpar.  More importantly, they guaranteed that AmCareBenefits would provide superior and personalized customer service.  They did just that and more! They made the process of changing health insurance plans for me and my employees uncomplicated. I can recommend Garry Wilson and his team with great confidence. Professional, honest, expert advice with great follow up care ....and a friendly manner....what more could you ask for in a broker?”

Retail Eyecare Professional – Approximately 10 employees  

When a situation arises that requires either speed or creativity, AmCareBenefits is there.  In short, AmCareBenefits does not disappear after you commit your business to [them].”

Law Firm – Approximately 20 Employees" 

Before [we] contracted AmCareBenefits to handle our benefits package system, our policies and plans were in bad shape. We were overcovered in some areas, and woefully undercovered in others. After years of a revolving door of previous insurance reps, we needed sound advice from an experienced group. AmCareBenefits provided those resources to us, and we were able to realize a more complete set of coverage for our employees, at a lower overall cost . . . our employees have had wonderful customer service from the AmCareBenefits team.”

IT Services – < 15 Employees

We would like to thank you for your outstanding service with our health benefits.  The cost savings and personal assistance have made our employees very happy.  When one of our employees has a question that we are unable to answer, Garry is always available by phone or email.  It is reassuring to know that AmCareBenefits always keeps us up to date about the most current legislation regarding the health care plans and how we can best prepare for them in the future. We have a great level of comfort knowing that our company is dealing with a professional, trustworthy and sincere person, such as Garry.”

Local Commercial Construction – < 50 Employees

I love having Garry Wilson and AmCareBenefits on my team!  Working with Garry has proved to be one of my best decisions.  He found an insurance solution for my small business that fit my specific needs and didn't take the cookie-cutter approach.   Garry made it easy on me and cost effective for my business.  He is always there to answer any question that I have (OK - more like dozens of questions).  Given that I have no HR background, I'm very appreciative of everything Garry does for me and my business!  Like I've told him before "Garry is the best!"

Local Service Provider – < 10 Employees

There are three key reasons why AmCareBenefits has become such a highly trusted partner:
1. Creative solutions that fit:
     a. Garry consistently brings a wealth of creative and well throughout benefit solutions that align exceptionally with the family focused culture of our company. 
2. Understanding and respect for our company culture:
     a. Garry regularly meets with our employees to ensure they fully understand their coverage and is available to them around the clock should they have an issue with a claim.  Additionally, Garry is skilled at understanding the culture of our organization and working within the value system we live by.
3. Network depth:
     a. Garry has tremendous depth in contacts and general business resources that, as a business owner, we have found to be invaluable. 

International Tech Accessories Manufacturer - > 50 employees

We have been working with AmCareBenefits, for the past twenty plus years. . .  When one of our employees got bogged down in a health care system paper jam, [Garry] knew who to contact to resolve the dilemma and he stayed on top of the conflict until our employee was completely satisfied."

Local Manufacturing Company – < +/- 20 Employees

AmCareBenefits and Garry Wilson have been a tremendous help to our company and our employees.  AmCareBenefits truly puts integrity and service above profits and works to meet needs not just make a sale.

Local Car Dealership – +/- 30 Employees

I can’t believe how fast the past 12 years have gone by, and I look forward to working with [AmCareBenefits] another 12 years and much longer.

Storage Company – <10 Employees

[AmCare’s] persistence and due diligence allowed me the opportunity to purchase valuable life insurance when other agents in the past failed.

Small Businessman

Garry and AmCareBenefits are an asset to our team and a partner we are fortunate to work with.  If your firm is on the search for a benefits solution provider, take a look at AmCare Benefits; I’m confident you’ll find that they will deliver outstanding results with an approach that’s creative, resourceful, and in alignment with the values of your organization.

International Tech Accessories Manufacturer – > 50 employees