Who We Are

Our Approach

We match clients with the right benefits, from group health plans to individual life insurance policies. But although locating the best benefits is our business, the key is in the relationships we build. At AmCareBenefits, we develop collaborative, high-trust relationships with our clients, so we can truly understand their needs, expectations, and long-term goals. This is how we consistently deliver the right products and solutions, whatever the situation.

What We Believe

Our success is measured by how well we meet the needs of our clients. We are doing our job when we are helping our clients achieve the best balance of cost to benefits, and when their employees are well served. We believe there's more to providing employee benefits that an initial contract and once-a-year renewal. That's why we are available to answer questions or resolve benefits-related issues every day, year-round.

Our Mission

Whether new or established, the truth is that we love to serve our clients. We strive to serve them better by understanding their personal or business goals, delivering the most accurate information, and providing outstanding client support.


We believe in giving back. Although we provide benefits solutions to people and businesses nationwide, we are proud that many of our clients are local --as we all work together to make our community a better place to live and work.

Our Clients

 Accountants/CPAs ~ Dentist's Offices ~ Contractors ~ Advertising/Marketing Firms ~ Lawyers ~ Medical Practitioners ~ Moving and Storage Companies ~ Restaurants ~ Country Clubs ~ Railroads ~ Information Systems Services ~ Insurance Agencies ~ Manufacturers ~ Non-Profits ~ IT Consulting Firms ~ Estates ~ Landscaping Companies ~ And More

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